5th Autumn Remembrance Day Participants:

  • HHA Outreach Performing Group
  • Jefferson Street Strutters- Preservation jazz band
  • The Center for Ballet Arts Ensemble
  • Gin Dance
  • Kathy Smaltz-Poet Laureate
  • Ewa Burak-Lindy Hop revivalist
  • Vocal artists
  • Shawn's BBQ
  • VISUAL  ARTISTS & Displays: Bradley Stevens, Patricia Rice-painting on copper, Roger Frey, Rajendra KC-en plein air , 

4th Autumn Remembrance DAY Arts festival

​Richard Nash - keyboards
Jacqueline Hogg-singer
HHA Outreach Performing Group
Minnie Gianetti-singer
Tiffany Ye-dancer
Jefferson Street Strutters- dixieland jazz band
Ms SR Americas 

Rebecca Nunn - Virginia 2016
Deborah Miller - Virginia USA 2017

The Ballet Arts Ensemble
Natalia Frolova- dancer
Gin Dance
VISUAL  ARTISTS: Cathy Burnett, Roger Frey, Eleanor Lally, Elsabe Dixon-group project, Rajendra KC-en plein air

Shawn's BBQ - ​

 3rd AUTUMN Remembrance Day   

A big thank you to our participants:

  • ​Isadora Duncan Dances-Butterfly: Frederic Chopin- dancer Hannah Goldberg (Word Dance Theater).  Cymbals Waltz/ Rose Petals: Johannes Brahms –Dancers: Hannah Golberg, Peg Schaefer, Pat Hall, Julia Hellmich, Sue Skaddan.  Poems by Rose Solario, Read by: Diane Dorius
  • Lexie Orvin and Breanne White – “How Can I Keep from Singing”
  • Ms. Senior Virginia 2016 Rebecca Nunn – comedy skit
  • Carol and Sid Dunn, Jim Nice  – “Catch a falling star” by Paul Vana & Lee Pockins
  • Ms. Senior Virginia 2013 Deborah Miller – “O Mio Babbino Caro” – Puccini. Dancer: Sylvia Burnstein-Hendi
  • Master Singers of Virginia –  Kati Posey, Joy Liu, Marge Kalfo, Laurelyn Morrison. Singing: “America the Beautiful” and “Mr. Sandman”
  • Ms. Senior America 2016 Rebecca Nunn – Shakespeare monologue
  • Gin Dance – “Lost and Found” Philip Glass, Hans Zimmer, Nico Muhly. Dancers: Michelle Conroy, Alison Grant, Julia Hellmich
  • Ms. Senior America 2013 Deborah Miller – “Vissi D’arte” Puccini. Dancers:  Lindsay Garrett, Sue Skaddan
  • Jim Nice & Paul Sticha – “Homeward Bound” Paul Simon; Jim Nice – “In My Life” John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  • Sid and Carol Dunn, Paul Sticha, Jim Nice – “Seven Bridges Road” Steven P. Young
  • Jefferson Street Strutters (Joel Albert, Terry Brown, Dick Parks, Kathy Gotschall, Steve Luchter, Greg Murphy, Ed Synakowski)
  • Karen Dunn – “Dancing Legs”
  • The Ballet Arts Ensemble of Fairfax – “Bliss” Choreography by: Benn Savage
  • Jennifer Jin Seaver's Art Show: Gaby Herrera- Assistant, Mary Anne Boyer, Insuk Brouillard, Darien Darayand, Ju Ok Han, Paul Hahn, Sun Moon, Jennifer Jin Seaver, Sue Skaddan, Hye Young Kim Nanda Sathaye.  Guest artist: Leza Perkins.  Youth Students: You Jin Her, Krysten Kim, Cherin Park
  • Special guest artists: Bradley Stevens and Tati Valle-Riestra



click the link below to see 2nd Autumn remembrance day photos


Our 2nd Autumn Remembrance Day 2015 Participants:

 We picnicked with JR's BBQ, and shared our artistic sides with fellow artists, dancers, and musicians at this picturesque civil war era farmhouse situated on a 1000 acre lake! It was truly a day to celebrate fall beauty, remember ancestors and loved ones, as we expressed our gratitude. Net proceeds provided vases for the sunflowers/zinnias grown and donated by Sweet Virginia to hospice and elderly care facilities.

Featured Visual Artists:  

Michelle Bailey, Insuk Brouillard, Young Ae Cho, Darien Darayand, Ju Ok Han, Paul Han, Gabby Herrera, Sun Moon, Vera O'Brian, Merci Painter, Jennifer Jin Seaver, Sue Skaddan, Pascale Vann, Jackie B. Wright, Charlotte Fillatrault, You Jin Her, Krystien Kim, Hanna Kim, Emily Scarlet, Michelle So, Seung Jae Yang

Musicians/Vocal Artists

The Arcadians, Sid & Carol Dunn, Krista Devine, Allie Sauer

Modern Dance Performances:

Gin Dance: Shu Chen (choreographer) & Lindsay Garrett, Sue Skaddan (choreographer), Peg Schaefer, Sydney & Reagan Arllen

Bachata Dance/Demo:

Luis Artieda (choreographer) & dancers: Carol & Sid Dunn, Sarah Fischer, Rolando Campos

Poetry Readings:

 Charles Williams, May Carter

Senior MS America performers:

2014 Ms America Patsy Godley, 2013 Debbi Miller,

2012 Kat Fanelli 


Chris Sauer

Honey Bee Tour:

Louise Edsall





Our 1st annual was a huge success!  A fun, spectacular, picture perfect day was enjoyed by all!  

~ Net proceeds of this event went toward the purchase of vases for the sunflowers/zinnias generously grown and donated by Sweet Virginia to the Capital Caring Hospice.   Check out these pictures!  http://kkevans.zenfolio.com/p729981626.

Our First annual 2014 Participants:

Visual Artists  

Bradley Stevens (en plein air painting), Jennifer Jin Seaver, Nick Kirwan (bubble artist), Songmi Heart, Paul Hahn, Leza Perkins, Sue Skaddan, Merce Painter

Musicians/Vocal Artists

Sid & Carol Dunn & Mark Ashby  from Musaic, The Arcadians-Preservation jazz, Krista Vineyard

Dancers/ Choreographers

Sue Skaddan & Peg Schaefer

40+ dancers from Jane Franklin Dance


Sherri Shunfenthal, May Carter

​Sam Mercer