Board of Directors​:  

Sue Skaddan, Sabrina Cohn, Patricia Hall, Beth Moore​

Founded by Sue Skaddan in 2013, Helping Hearts through the Arts (HHA) is dedicated to connecting individuals and groups within our community in artistic and meaningful ways.  We have been involved in numerous collaborations and project based events to help foster a greater sense of community, and spread goodwill through the value of the arts.  

The HHA Outreach Performing Group consists of volunteer dancers, singers, musicians of a wide range of ages, who want to share their joy of dance, music, and art with others, especially those in elder care.  The group works with exceptional regional choreographers and musicians to  help bring quality performances out into  our community.

Projects have included performances with other organizations, art classes,  and flower arranging  at numerous local senior and retirement centers.  HHA has also helped to deliver thousands of  incredible sunflowers, zinnias, and dahlias grown and generously donated by Sweet Virginia.  Recipients have included retirement homes,  community senior centers, food banks, and hospice providers.

  Our September 2014 grand scale project kicked off  an  "Autumn Remembrance Day".  It's  a  day of  community celebration with local visual and vocal artists, dancers, and musicians.  It's  a day to reflect and remember ancestors and loved ones, and express gratitude for what our earth provides especially with the beauty of the fall season.  



October 2013:  "Sweet Zinnia"-Theater on the Run

January 2014:  The Virginian

September 2014:  Autumn Remembrance Day

January 2015:  Heatherwood Retirement Community  

September 2015: 2nd Autumn Remembrance Day

August 2015:  Heatherwood Retirement Community

December 2015:  Sunrise Braddock Glen

March 2016:  Aarondale Assisted Living

June 2016:  The Lincolnian Senior Residences

July 2016:  Lincolnia Senior and Day Care Center

September 2016:  3rd Autumn Remembrance Day

November 2016:  Culpepper Gardens Senior Center

December 2016:  The Lincolnian Senior Residences 

March 2017: Heatherwood Retirement Community

June 2017: Greenspring Village Square Theater-Retirement Community

June 2017: Occoquan "Artist's Undertaking Gallery"

September 2017:  4th Autumn Remembrance Day

November 2017:  Lincolnia Senior Center

March 2018: Heatherwood Retirement Community

May 2018: Creative Aging Festival-Lincolnia

June 2018: Greenspring Village Square Theater

September 2018: 5th Autumn Remembrance Day

December 6, 2018: Sunrise Silas Burke House

December 20, 2018 Agudas Achim Synagogue

February 14, 2019: Lorton Workhouse Art Center

February 28, 2019: Lincolnia Senior Center


HHA extends heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people who have generously donated their time, talent, and facilities so that we may share the joy of music and dance with the community.  


*     Choreographers:  Shu-Chen Cuff,  Elizabeth DeSeguirant, Silvia Burnstein-Hendi, Harriet Moncure         Fellows, Jeremy McShane, Sue Skaddan, Ewa Burak, Kristina Edwards. 

*     Musicians:  Carol and Sid Dunn, Eleanor Lally, Richard Nash

*     Sound:  Sam Fanelli

*     Facilities:  BalletNova Center for Dance,  The Dance Company, The Sweet Virginia Bee Farm

*     Dancers:  Sabrina Cohn, Noel Durman, Dana Gattuso, Sigrun Giannetti, Rachel Goldberg, Patricia          Hall, Susannah Keefe, Nataliya Kulbatska, Claudia Maloney, Heather McPhail, Susan Nealis, Peg               Schaefer, Sue Skaddan