OUR 2021 " HEARTS in FLIGHT-for ALS" Campaign raised $6,440!

Our 7th Autumn Remembrance Day (10/4/20), kicked off our "Hearts in Flight-for ALS" campaign.  Helping Hearts Dance rehearsed virtually, outdoors, then gradually in studio though out the pandemic with our resident choreographer Adolfo Matto Traverso (Municipal Ballet of Peru).  The "open rehearsal" on April 18, 2021 and our "Fall en Angels" premiere on May 23, 2021 for a limited socially distanced audience at the Sweet Virginia Farm, helped us raise $6440, and put us well above our $5000 ALS goal!  We are grateful and thrilled!  Heartfelt thanks to all our donors!!! 

*view Chip McCrea's pictures of our May 23rd event here:  https://mccreaphoto.smugmug.com/Events/2021/Hearts-In-Flight-for-ALS/n-fJTXLS/


Monday, June 28,2021 @ 10:30am. Helping Hearts Dance is announcing it's first scheduled performance since the pandemic at the Westminster @ Lake Ridge retirement community!  We are so excited, ready, and  prepared to perform live with our community again!   Please email: HelpingHeartsThroughTheArts@gmail.com if interested in possibly attending.

Sunday, October 3, 2021-Lincoln Memorial

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Helping Hearts Through The Arts

Helping Hearts Dance 

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​​​​Please contact us if you are interested in reserving a date for a performance byHelping Hearts Dance.  Provides quality community oriented music and dance entertainment primarily for our elderly in senior centers, care facilities, art centers, and retirement communities. 


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8th Autumn Remembrance Day @ the LINCOLN MEMORIAL!! 

RECENT LIVE PERFORMANCES (HOORAY!!!):  Sweet Virginia Barn-May 23 &April 18, 2021, 7th ARD-10/4/2020.  PAST PERFORMANCES before the pandemic:  Workhouse Arts Center- February 14, 2019, Lincolnia Senior Center- February 28, 2019, Sunrise George Mason- March 3,2019, Westminster- April 4,2019,  Afgan Academy at Lincolnia -April 7, Creative Aging Festival- May 30, 2019,  Misler Adult Day Center: June 8, 2019, 6th ARD-September 29, 2019, Hollin Hall- October 24, 2019, Westminster-December 5, 2019, Agudas Achim Synagogue- January 14, 2020,  Harmony at Chantilly- February 15, 2020.  

That's Entertainment-HHA performers at Retirement Communities & Senior Centers

Flower arranging & poetry 

Our 5th Autumn Remembrance Day -view pictures here: