5th Autumn Remembrance Day Participants:

  • HHA Outreach Performing Group
  • Jefferson Street Strutters- Preservation jazz band
  • The Center for Ballet Arts Ensemble
  • Gin Dance
  • Musaic
  • Ewa Burak-Lindy Hop revivalist
  • Poetry readings
  • Vocal artists-Jim Nice
  • Shawn's BBQ
  • VISUAL  ARTISTS & Displays: Patricia Rice-painting on copper, Cathy Burnett, Roger Frey, Elsabe Dixon, Rajendra KC-en plein air 

HHA Outreach Performing Group

Tickets  now available for the 5th !

Flower arranging 

dedicated to connecting individuals and groups within our community in artistically meaningful ways

Hands-on art classes for elder communities

Helping to Spread Goodwill with the Arts

Flower deliveries - partnering with Sweet Virginia - for hospice and elder care providers

OUR HHA OUTREACH PERFORMING GROUP IS IN SESSION!Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a performance.​   Provides quality community oriented music and dance entertainment. 


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